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Posted by Simon Jan 23, Barbie 0 It all started in the spring of Ken Carson was new on the scene and love was in the air… One of the most iconic and beloved couples of all time, Barbie and Ken are synonymous with EPIC romance. And just like any true romance, their love story is one for the ages—complete with headline-grabbing breakups, trendsetting styles and a love that has endured over five decades. He was dashing and different from any other doll on the shelf with his red bathing suit trunks, yellow beach towel and sandals. A few weeks following the fanfare of his global debut, Ken met Barbie for the first time on the set of their first television commercial together. As soon as he laid eyes on the blonde beauty, it was love at first sight. The rest, as they say, is history.

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Three afternoons a week, while my sister is at dance class, I take Barbie away from Ken. I’m practicing for the future. At first I sat in my sister’s room watching Barbie, who lived with Ken, on a doily, on top of the dresser.

As Robin Gerber, author of Barbie and Ruth: The Story of the World’s Most Famous Doll and the Woman Who Created Her, points out, Barbie’s dilemma over whether to take Ken back may reflect larger.

Explanation of Vintage Barbie Values The Vintage Barbie doll values listed on this page are meant to give someone new to Vintage Barbie collecting an approximate idea of value. Values vary wildly depending on the condition of the doll and the conditions of the sale. In general, dolls being sold in person or by established dealers that collectors trust will bring more than dolls being sold on eBay because of the fraud risk eBay poses. This is based on loose dolls that are in played-with condition but have no major damage.

Ken may have a few hair rubs, but he is not bald or missing large amounts of flocking. This is based on dolls with the original box, outfit and accessories that have excellent face paint or very minor restoration, minor body issues, full head of flocking with only tiny spots Ken. The amounts posted do not include values for rare versions of the dolls. If you’d like to be notified of sales list updates, please use the contact page to send me your email address.

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Mattel announced Tuesday that it is introducing 15 new diverse looks for the Ken doll. AP hide caption toggle caption Mattel announced Tuesday that it is introducing 15 new diverse looks for the Ken doll. AP Barbie’s one-time blue-eyed boyfriend is getting a makeover. Toymaker Mattel is giving its Ken doll a variety of new looks in hopes the makeovers will move the toys into the modern era.

The “broad”-bodied Ken is part of a new line of the dolls Mattel rolled out Tuesday.

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Only 50 hand-crafted dolls were created by the designer. You can read more about the event at dazeddigital. Black patent leather has become a signature of Gareth’s work, and he has chosen to dress his hand made limited edition Ken doll in a look inspired by his first menswear collection, which illustrates his penchant for contrasting matt and shiny surfaces.

I have added this doll to the listings and you can see more pictures by following this link: New Arms for Ken? It would seem that slowly but surely that Mattel may be making improvements to Ken’s body parts. Apparently they are showcasing these improvements on every doll except Ken. Technically, we can’t say they haven’t been used for Ken, because they were recently discovered on the Ken In India India, European Edition , but this version was not produced for the domestic market.

The new arms are slightly different from what we are accustomed to. So what should we call these new arm molds?

‘Where’s dad bod Ken?’: Men react to Barbie’s new look with body demands of their own

Overview[ edit ] From to the debut of Superstar Ken in , Ken had straight, nonbendable arms and a head that could only turn left and right. Ken’s hair was made of felt in his first year known to collectors as the ” flocked ” hair Ken , but this was replaced with a plastic, molded hairstyle when the felt hair was found to fall off when wet. The woman who made the Ken doll made it to resemble her husband. Ken’s best friend, Allan Sherwood Midge’s boyfriend, later husband , was introduced in The first African-American male doll, Brad, was introduced in , as the boyfriend of Barbie’s African-American friend, Christie , who was introduced in The unrealistic physiques of Barbie and Ken caused comment.

After 56 years at Barbie’s side, Ken is getting a makeover. Translated, Ken — not his friends, distant relatives, or neighbors — will look like the men all around us. Doll purchasers can.

Barbie needs more than just one pair of shoes! Choose from jelly sandal heels, wedge heel shoes, sling-backs and all varieties of strappy heels. Barbie also needs shoes for colder weather. Keep her feet toasty with sneakers, cowboy boots, Mary Jane heels, high heel boots, clogs, and combat boots. With such an assortment from Doll Clothes Superstore, you can keep her feet updated too. Colors like mint green, neon pink and lavender will add a pop of color to any outfit. The shoes on this page fit the traditional Barbie who has smaller feet.

Mattel’s new Ken dolls get diversity right but fail to recognise gender issues

Share this article Share ‘I’ve always been into plastic surgery because it’s an extension of me being creative,’ he said during an interview on The Doctors television show. Among his surgeries are five rhinoplasties, a cranial brow bone shape and augmentations to his cheeks, lips, buttocks and chin. According to reports the couple ‘hated the sight of each other’ He turned to plastic surgery when he was years-old, beginning the costly and dangerous habit with a nose job.

Name: Ken This Ken is so ready to be She’s All That ‘d. His heavy black frames hide the soulful painted Ken eyes of a poet. Also, underneath that ill-fitting flannel is a body-ody-ody. He’s.

That’s not happening, however, says Justin Jedlica , whose body is pumped with so much silicone that he’s being called as plastic as Mattel’s No. In an exclusive interview with HuffPost Weird News, Jedlica was quick to bat down any notion that the self-proclaimed human Barbie doll, Valeria Lukyanova , is the real deal. Drag queens have put on the same illusions with makeup and costumes for years.

He’s had around 90 surgeries to get the “muscular” body and chiseled face he has today. He’s been injected with silicone all over his body, has had several nose jobs, and plans to continue his work. Justin Jedlica and Valeria Lukyanova story continues below: Even in the doll world, happy endings are rare.

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Apr 20,  · Life in plastic, it’s fantastic! From Barbie mom Nannette Hammond to human Ken doll Justin Jedlica, check out seven humans who look like dolls.

New dolls Part 2: I need to do an article about all the Fashionistas and all the Dreamtopia dolls that were released in past few days, but right now here are the latest releases. Most will be released this month so get your pockets ready! You can click on the… October 5, DeAgostini — Barbie Gioca con la moda — magazine and exclusive fashions DeAgostini Italia has released a new Barbie series that feature some very cute fashions inspired by different eras.

There are 8 editions and you can also receive some uber cute cardboard settings, a diary, a wardrobe, and a holder for the magazines. The fun… October 1, New Barbie releases:

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