Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City? The never-ending story

Facing down a phalanx of buzzing mopeds with riders expressionless behind helmets and masks is dizzying. Skyscrapers rise out of the ground, obliterating neighbourhoods where family life once played out at street level. And yet, at the foot of one of these glass-and-steel monoliths sits an old lady, skin like fragile rice paper, serving steaming pho noodle soup from an old cart, as if nothing at all has changed. The best way to enjoy this peculiar balancing act is to sit on the balcony of one of the innumerable coffee houses scattered throughout the city. This way you will be out of the fray but able to look down on the street hustle below. You will also be drinking the beverage that must be at least partly responsible for the kinetic energy that has transformed this city into one of the most sophisticated commercial hubs of south-east Asia in just 20 years. It comprises strong coffee, dripped from a small metal filter into a cup containing a quarter as much sweetened condensed milk, then stirred and poured over ice in a glass. Coffee was introduced to Vietnam by the French in the late 19th century but the country quickly became a strong exporter, as vast swathes of the highlands were given over to this important new cash crop.


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23 Things To Do In Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City): Top Attractions!

Ho Chi Minh City has gone by several different names during its history, reflecting settlement by different ethnic, cultural and political groups. It may also refer to the dense and tall forest that once existed around the city, a forest to which the Khmer name, Prey Nokor, already referred. Prey means forest or jungle, and nokor is a Khmer word of Sanskrit origin meaning city or kingdom, and related to the English word ‘Nation’ — thus, “forest city” or “forest kingdom”.

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He was arrested for subversive activities by the French colonial authorities in and died in prison a few weeks later. Although she was not held for long, the privations of prison life made her ill and she too died a few weeks after being released. Diem later went on to become President of South Vietnam — Years earlier the same school had educated another boy, Nguyen Sinh Cung, also the son of an official.

In Cung adopted the name Ho Chi Minh. He was expelled from the school after two years for taking part in protests, and went home to his village for a while. Lawrence ‘s Seven Pillars of Wisdom , learning from it practical examples of how to apply minimum military force to maximum effect. On 3 May he said farewell to his wife, left Hanoi and crossed the border into China. To begin propaganda work among the population, a news-sheet called Viet Nam Doc Lap was produced.

This and similar small groups in the mountains were the basis of the Viet Minh , the armed wing of the Vietnam Independence League. The local Nung hill people spoke little Vietnamese, so Giap and his colleagues had to learn local dialects and draw pictures to communicate. When Vichy security patrols approached, they would conceal themselves in a cave under a waterfall, or, at times, in the lands of the Man Trang people. By the end of several hundred men and women had joined the Viet Minh. Ho Chi Minh directed him to establish Armed Propaganda Brigades and the first one, consisting of thirty one men and three women, was formed in December

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Arrive to Hoi An today where you are met and drive to your hotel. Settle in and enjoy a leisurely evening. Day 2 Explore Hoi An Hotels 1 Breakfast Hoi An is a charming smaller town consisting of hundreds of historic houses, pagodas and other structures.

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It was an absolute delight to live and work there, help businesses explode and especially help Vietnamese professionals progress their careers. My time there also gave me a great opportunity to learn from its history. However no matter who occupied them, their determination for self-rule has motivated them to gain victories over all these world powers. Living in Vietnam there was no possibility to avoid its most iconic leader and the founding father of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; Ho Chi Minh.

Uncle Ho as he is affectionately called is in good communist tradition everywhere — on bank notes, in schools, on town squares and in every government office in the country. Not even your nuclear weapons would force us to surrender after so long and violent a struggle for the independence of our country. To reap a return in years, cultivate the people. Firstly his commitment to developing people and societies and secondly his long term focus. Neither of them are present in many modern day leaders.

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Share via Email Leading the charge: Nana Chen “What’s the first designer item you ever bought? It has come to this. I have been asking about her childhood during the Vietnam War or the American War, as it’s known here for the past half an hour. She has politely refused to be drawn.

Here is my official review of Ho Chi Minh City a.k.a. Saigon, Vietnam. Saigon Women Rating: 4/5. Vietnamese women are absolutely gorgeous. They typically have lighter skin then the Thais and the Khmer girls I have been with. They are also more curvy then most Asian girls in the region.

I mastered the Figure Eight of Death to get my motorbike license. I experienced my first Tet. In honor of my staycation at the plush ParkRoyal this past weekend, I present some of my favorite quirky things to do in Saigon. Highest Tea I love that Saigon is still a transitional city. More developed than the neighboring capitals of Phnom Penh or Vientiane, but still years away from the monorails of Bangkok or the impressive skyline of Hong Kong.

Tourists go to the expensive VND , Skydeck on the 49th floor, but locals go straight to Strata on the 50th floor where a cappuccino only costs VND , no cover charge. Get Schooled The Vietnamese are surprisingly artistic and the growing middle class means people have time to invest in the arts. A bit of serendipity led me to a ceramics work shop where the morning started off with a clump of clay and some hasty instructions.

I was frustrated and splattered in mud but having a great time. Total cost for this half-day activity? For a cheaper, quicker alternative, all the government owned bookstores around town will have a crafts corner, usually upstairs. Choose a plaster figurine starting at USD 0.

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One of the most common destination for randy foreigners are the hostess bars of Ho Chi Minh City. They are small set ups with anywhere from three to thirty Vietnamese women on staff ready to make the customer feel good. There are many on and around Bui Vien street in District 1 where most foreigners end up. There are even better ones in other parts of the city like Bar 91 at 91 Hai Ba Trung.

Once you find one bar you can usually walk around and find some others.

Dating Vietnamese girls isn’t the easiest, but if you put in the time you will be happy with the outcome. Good Luck Meeting Single Girls In Ho Chi Minh City. You will be hard pressed to find a guy who took a trip to Ho Chi Minh City and didn’t like the place.

For the real deal, follow our Concierge at 8: Complimentary for all in-house guests Please sign up with our Concierge team Join our General Manager on an early Morning 6km run every Thursday! The route winds along the Saigon river and gives a glimpse into local life along the way. The best part of this run — aside from the health benefits — is seeing Saigon as it wakes up. Another route of more than 10 kilometers will run from the downtown wharf to District 8, passing through districts 4, 5, and 6 and docking at the Ben Nghe — Tau Hu canal.

Providing an environmentally conscious means of exploring Ho Chi Minh City, the open side buses also give avid photographers an opportunity to take that special shot on the go.

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But, just as the appalling industrial apocalypse becomes too much to bear, new roads cut north, towards Binh Duong New City. The big distances and horizons on this vast agricultural plateau — which essentially continues all the way north beyond Kon Tum and into Laos — and the sense of space and light, are on a grander scale than one would expect in Vietnam. The smell of the rich, red earth — the soil that makes this region the agricultural bosom of Vietnam — rises with the morning mist. Everything grows here, and it grows bigger and greener than anywhere else.

The Ho Chi Minh Road — with its characteristic yellow centre-markings — glides over gentle ridges cloaked in plantations: Houses, people, vehicles, road surfaces, hillsides are all covered in a layer of red dust.

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But truth be told, I wasn’t looking forward to it that much. I’d never cared for Vietnamese food, had heard the locals weren’t as friendly or welcoming as the Thais and then there was the war. My boys played but a bit part which I quietly hoped would have been long since forgotten. After the atrocities of that war, how could I expect to be well-received?

Prior to visiting Vietnam I had mixed feelings. What I’d experienced and heard of the country hardly inspired me, and friends who had visited hadn’t been enamoured by the place. I was to be pleasantly surprised. Back in Bangkok after a wonderful few days in Ho Chi Minh City, I’ve been reflecting on a trip to a country which made quite an impression… Environment Downtown Ho Chi Minh City isn’t as built up nor does it have a skyline like Bangkok’s.

Vietnam: Little Tokyo! (Ho Chi Minh City/Saigon)