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True to its passion for underwater exploration, Rolex is taking an active part in the Deepsea Challenge expedition of film-maker and explorer James Cameron Titanic, Avatar in partnership with the National Geographic Society. The expedition aims to reach and explore the deepest point in the oceans at a depth of about 11, metres 36, feet in the Mariana Trench Pacific Ocean. An experimental Oyster watch Rolex has developed and manufactured an exceptional experimental model for the dive: On that exploit, an experimental Oyster model, the Deep Sea Special, attached to the hull accompanied the Trieste into the abyss. It reached the record depth of 10, metres 35, feet , returning to the surface in perfect working order, a feat that remains unrivalled to this day. The experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge perpetuates the adventure of the Oyster and the pioneering spirit of innovation that has forged the reputation of Rolex. It is manufactured by an entirely integrated watchmaker with unparalleled design, development and production capacities. The new experimental watch is Its design is based on the Ringlock System case architecture of the Rolex Deepsea. This intricate three-piece case architecture, developed and patented by Rolex, features a highly resistant nitrogen- alloyed stainless steel support ring as the backbone of the watch.

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Clock-watch[ edit ] The earliest dated watch known once belonged to Philip Melanchthon and is now in the Walters Art Museum , Baltimore The first timepieces to be worn, made in the 16th century beginning in the German cities of Nuremberg and Augsburg , were transitional in size between clocks and watches. Nuremberg clockmaker Peter Henlein or Henle or Hele is often credited as the inventor of the watch. He shapes many-wheeled clocks out of small bits of iron, which run and chime the hours without weights for forty hours, whether carried at the breast or in a handbag However, other German clockmakers were creating miniature timepieces during this period, and there is no evidence Henlein was the first.

International Watch Company, better known as IWC, is a Swiss watch company dating back to Founded by American horologist Florentine Ariosto Jones, the company combined the best of American technological innovation and Swiss craftsmanship at the time.

Brandt, 23 years old, began by hand assembling watches from parts produced by local craftsmen. By , Louis Brandt and Fils became the largest producers of watches in Switzerland, with a production rate of of over , watches per year. During this period, they continued to make significant innovations, like the minute-repeating wristwatch, developed in in partnership with Audemars Piguet, and quite likely the first wristwatch of its kind.

Both Brandt brothers died in , placing the fate of the company in the control of four descendants, the oldest of whom, Paul-Emile Brandt, was only 23 years of age. SSIH eventually became the third largest producers of finished watches and movements in the world. Omega World-Renowned Quality Omega has a long-established reputation for innovation and quality, which has led to numerous awards over the company’s year history, starting as early as with the Grand Prix at the Paris World Fair.

In , an Omega watch was awarded Omega has also had a long affiliation with sports. Omega has been the official timekeeper at over 21 Olympic Games, and has contributed many significant innovations to sports timekeeping over the years. For example, Omega brought the first electronic timekeeping device to the Helsinki Olympic Games in In that same year, Omega was awarded the Olympic Cross of Merit in recognition of its outstanding contribution to Olympic sports.

Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin wears his Omega Speedmaster on the lunar surface and in the lunar lander Omega on the Moon Because of its well-deserved reputation for precision and reliability, the Omega Speedmaster was chosen by NASA as its official chronometer in

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The Big Pilot Watch. The watches had a case diameter of 55mm, were marked on the back with FL and were equipped with large winding crowns to facilitate operation whilst wearing gloves. Additional features included a hacking movement ability to stop the second hand when pulling out the crown , Breguet balance spring, chronometer certification and a long leather strap to allow the watch to be worn over a flying suit.

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If you are looking for Vintage Wrist and Pocket Watch Information, including how-to repair, company history of, collecting info, watch supplies, watch restoration services, repair shop info, refurbishing tips, and recommended books and tools Then let me welcome you to “The Watch Guy” website. I’ve been collecting and repairing watches for many years. During that time I have put in thousands of hours learning everything I possibly could about the subject.

Early on I realized that finding information, reference material and supplies was difficult and time consuming. I mean, it’s out there to be found Assuming you are probably searching for the same things I was searching for, I decided to start this site, and compile that information in one place to share my knowledge with others. I am an avid collector of vintage timepieces. I primarily collect mint vintage gold wristwatches.

I am also into repair, which is something that is pretty easy to learn, but takes years to get really good at. Many others are trying to claim fame using “The Watch Guy” name, don’t be fooled! I am the original.

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Watch timing standards and information RATE: This is the ‘heartbeat’ of the mechnical timepiece and rotates on an axis. Ideally u want to see a single line. If the rate is fast i. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swatch Group.

Date your IWC International Watch Company by serial number using this list of serial numbers production dates from until at Brittons Watches.

Tweet on Twitter A contemporary pilot makes use of the re-issued Dodane Among military watch enthusiasts, there are numerous hero pieces. Most famous are the 12 time-only-with-small-seconds W. Pre s Panerais have been super-hot for 25 years, assorted Luftwaffe models and US Army Hamiltons all have their adherents. A bit about nomenclature before proceeding: Limited edition contemporary Breguet Type XX, ref.

Certain Type 20s have also been identified as being issued to French helicopter pilots. From there onward, the variants were numerous. Allegedly, another company — Bouiller — was licensed as well, but this is unconfirmed. For the s s, the watches featured heavier, polished cases and squarer lugs. For the brand most associated with the Type 20, a watershed moment in its history occurred on 14 April at the Breguet-only auction held by Antiquorum in Geneva.

Both were fitted with the narrow, stainless-steel bezels with engravings for hour increments, and both were powered by Valjoux 22 movements. And yet, common to all six was the Breguet name on the dial and the number on the back: Movements included the Valjoux 22, , , and , Lemania , which raises an important point about any military watches, regardless of nationality or era.

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We like Buying watches almost as much as we like selling them. We offer a unique selection of watch accessories, watch winders, and horological books, as well as providing Expert Watch Repair and Restoration Services that are second to none. We also publish The Rolex Report, a series of critically acclaimed reference books used by thousands of watch dealers, collectors and enthusiasts around the world. Rolex watches feature two sets of identification numbers

DateYourIWC is a utility which let you derive date of origin and some other production information from the movement and/or case number of watches produced by the International Watch Company, Schaffhausen (IWC).

Vintage Omega watches from the golden period when the company still manufactured its own movements in-house are one of our specialities. The quality of Omega production pre s was extremely high and compared side by side, there is no doubt at all that the mechanisms in these models are every bit the equals of those by Rolex, IWC, Jaeger LeCoultre and the other top tier Swiss makers.

In our business, we have said for years that classic Omega models offer Rolls-Royce quality at Jaguar prices and we always strongly recommend them to our customers. This watch dates from and is the cleanest, most original example of a vintage Seamaster from this period that anyone could ever hope to find. By the time the example here was created, the case style and movement type had both evolved from that of the immediate post-war models, but the overall Seamaster concept of a rugged, masculine watch that was dually elegant and capable of withstanding rough use still remained unchanged.

The large stainless steel case is classically styled, which is certainly a bonus to the investor. There is always a danger that watches with a style that strongly links them to a specific era will fall out of fashion and therefore reduce in price. Judged purely on its aesthetics, the watch here could date from , or Its look is timeless, which makes it a very safe choice as a piece for long term ownership.

Scrutinising this case with an eyeglass, there are a few very tiny imperfections to the steel in places, but these are so small as to be almost invisible to the naked eye.

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We understand the importance of quality and customer service and we deal with suppliers that provide us with high quality brand new replica watches. We offers Best Replica watches at the most competitive prices. Founded by American horologist Florentine Ariosto Jones, the company combined the best of American technological innovation and Swiss craftsmanship at the time.

This tradition endures in the contemporary vision for IWC – to create timepieces renowned for both precise engineering and aesthetic design.

Often, IWC Pallweber watches have dials signed “Patent Automatic Timekeeper” or “Pat. Feb. 24, ” or in different languages. This website is independent of, and without endorsement by, IWC International Watch Company AG, a division of Compagnie Financière Richemont SA.

IWC’s main novelty is creating a lot of buzz among watch enthusiasts and experts. On the caseband, no correction buttons can be found. But the dial displays lot of indications: Adjusting the calendar was a tedious business which required to perform various operations with the aid of a stylus or correction buttons. If you add that this kind of timepieces were also very expensive and exposed to the risk of malfunctioning, it is easy to understand why the number of users willing to deal with these inconveniences was pretty limited.

With the new IWC Da Vinci, all the calendar displays, including the moon phase were perfectly synchronized and could be advanced day by day using the crown. For the first time, a perpetual calendar wristwatch could be operated as simply as an ordinary watch. Also integrating chronograph functions, the perpetual calendar implementation of the Da Vinci was different for another reason: The calendar module designed by Kurt Klaus equipping the Calibre

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It was real metal and it made me feel grown up. I wore it every day and then later passed it on to a good friend who was just getting into watches. It was another major milestone for me after getting a coveted job in the telecommunications industry. That was twenty years ago, and I still have it. Maybe for my 50th birthday.

IWC watch serial numbers and production dates.

The dive watch has long been a staple of any self-respecting watch aficionado’s collection, and their popularity has shown no signs of decline. For those not in the know, and who can’t be bothered to take the nomenclature as a hint, a dive watch is designed for divers to keep time not only under water, but at extreme depths.

As such, they are typically large, metallic and extremely durable, all qualities that have endeared them to men and helped them find popularity outside their intended market. They also happen to be extremely versatile. They’re robust enough to be worn casually, say, on a trip to the beach, but they’re also elegantly designed and pair well with your favourite date-night outfit.

IWC’s Aquatimer watches are their unique take on the dive watch, and have been popular since their inception, but their latest update is especially worthy of your attention. Standout features include a modern design, accented by the optional bronze metal casing, and two pertinent complications:

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