Top 13 Destinations in Eastern Europe

Winters are cold and snowy. Foggy conditions are frequent, especially in the beginning of the season. On average, Sofia receives a total snowfall of 90 cm Summers are warm and sunny. In summer, Sofia generally remains slightly cooler than other parts of Bulgaria , due to its higher altitude. Springs and autumns in Sofia are short with variable and dynamic weather. The city receives an average annual precipitation of mm SOF is 9 km east of the city center. It is the busiest airport in Bulgaria, with annual passenger traffic of over 4 million. Along with traditional carriers, some low-cost companies traveling to Bulgaria are:

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Analysis[ edit ] Over the course of the film, several things are “lost in translation”. In several exchanges, the director gives lengthy, impassioned directives in Japanese. These are invariably followed by brief, incomplete translations from the interpreter. You are sitting quietly in your study.

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James Maverick Last updated: October 16, Zero. I knew nothing about its inhabitants. And — most importantly — I knew nothing about the women. In fact, having seen most of Europe, I would say Bulgaria is undoubtedly one of the poorest countries on the continent. After checking the data, I realized that Bulgaria is actually 10 on the list. Plovdiv, the second biggest city, is more pleasant, but outside the historical old town, the city is no better than Sofia.

The Soviet Union had 15th republics, but because it had very strong ties to Bulgaria, the country was considered an unofficial part of the Soviet Union. Rumor has it that the Soviet Union took a lot of wealth in the form of natural resources and agriculture from Bulgaria, but may have provided some infrastructure back in return.

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Edit this post Prostitution in Turkey is legal and organized by the government. That said, state-run brothels genelev in Turkish are normally reserved for locals. Foreigners who visited them mention paying an extra fee, having to bring their passports and going through security screenings.

Nightlife in Sofia starts quite late. Most of the clubs and bars work until late in the evening, and some are even open until morning over the weekends. The girls in these venues are simply gorgeous.

Sofia, Bulgaria – Sofia was described as the least relaxing city to go on a vacation by SpaSeekers. Is that really the case? But there is more to it than a mere yes or no, so keep reading. However, these towns are vastly different in their nature. They also prove that not all tourism is about relaxation, and in Amsterdam’s case, it may be more related to intoxication. Sofia is a working-class city. You can check out some of them here. Why is Sofia so unrelaxed?

Is Sofia the Least Relaxing Capital in Europe?

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Discover Bulgaria’s rich heritage on a vacation to its popular destinations today. With Tripmasters, multi city vacation trips are made easy.

Went to Budapest last summer for a week. I know some of these places are rumored to have neo-nazis. Petersburg didnt make the cut. Naughty Nomad February 22, at Reply Laceric Towerwood May 5, at 1: Reply bang-bang December 13, at 3: Reply Sydney Suit February 23, at 4: Went there after Belgrade and found the women more attractive seriously around Kosovo university I needed two heads to look at all the girls.

Also so cheap and undiscovered yet, and very friendly locals. Also Varna in Bulgaria is amazing, especially combined with the parties at the nearby resort town that are packed with German, swedish and other Scandinavian school leavers. Reply Naughty Nomad February 23, at 3: Will be heading through Eastern Europe at the end of this year so will keep this in mind. Assuming you wanted to travel through 5 or

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Sep 15,  · The walls and ceilings are adorned with several layers of paintings dating from the 11th, 13th, 15th to 17th, and 19th centuries, which together feature 89 scenes and human figures depicted either individually or together.

Sofia is so underrated, and Bulgaria as a whole is still below the tourist radar. But the architecture, art galleries and museums are fantastic Credit: I live two separate lives Scotland is my spiritual home My mum and sisters still live there. My family is incredibly important to me, and I want my kids to have that bond with them and to appreciate the value of their support, so I take them there regularly. I vividly remember the wild, unspoilt scenery Our family holidays involved caravanning in Scotland , travelling up and down the west coast.

Dougray Scott: Why Sofia is Europe’s most underrated city

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Turin (/ tj ʊəˈr ɪ n, ˈ t ʊər ɪ n /; Italian: Torino (listen); Piedmontese: Turin (listen)) is a city and an important business and cultural centre in northern is the capital city of the Metropolitan City of Turin (an administrative division of Italy) and of the Piedmont region, and was the first capital city of Italy from to The city is located mainly on the.

Apr 8, 1. What started as a music genre somehow turned into tipsy people bellydancing, throwing napkins and cheering on half-naked female singers. Why some chalga fans spend their hard-earned levs for napkins to throw in the air is a mystery. The current national record is nearly euro spent on napkins for one night, compared to the average salary in the capital which is euro per month. Chalga promotes superficial looks and behavior — women must have big or silicon boobs and lips and wear lots of makeup and scarce clothing to attract rich macho men.

Bulgaria is one of the poorest European countries, but this painful truth is completely ignored in the world of chalga. In its videoclips, everybody owns a mansion, drives a luxurious sports car and drinks expensive champagne. Kitsch and falseness, however, speak an international language.

Top 13 Destinations in Eastern Europe

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Sofia: Nightlife and Clubs 29/10/ Nightlife City Guide Leave a comment Sofia nightlife: the Bulgaria has established itself in recent years as a summer destination for young people looking for fun night, Thanks to the Sunny Beach Resort, Varna and Golden Sands, the Black Sea.

The late Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, Duchess of Alba was a larger than life legend who buried three husbands, danced flamenco up until she died and according to the Guinness Book of World Records was the most-titled aristocrat in the world. Tana, as she’s called, appeared in Ronda at the Goyesca, a bullfighting festival, with her boyfriend Curro Soriano. They were chased by paparazzi. Tana was also see on the island of Formentera, a favorite spot for the jet set to spend quality beach time.

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Top 13 Destinations in Eastern Europe

Ancient origins[ edit ] The Taurini were an ancient Celto-Ligurian [16] Alpine people, who occupied the upper valley of the Po River , in the center of modern Piedmont. In BC, they were attacked by Hannibal as he was allied with their long-standing enemies, the Insubres. The Taurini chief town Taurasia was captured by Hannibal’s forces after a three-day siege.

Both Livy [18] and Strabo [19] mention the Taurini’s country as including one of the passes of the Alps , which points to a wider use of the name in earlier times. The typical Roman street grid can still be seen in the modern city, especially in the neighborhood known as the Quadrilatero Romano Roman Quadrilateral. Via Garibaldi traces the exact path of the Roman city’s decumanus which began at the Porta Decumani, later incorporated into the Castello or Palazzo Madama.

NIghtlife. Art. Break the Internet ® Care. Politics. Opinion. Culture. LGBTQ. Sex & Dating. Shop. Subscribe. Cayetana Rivera and Sofia Palazuelo Are the New Stars of the Spanish Aristocracy The House of Alba keeps producing social stars. Mickey Boardman. 27 September.

Top 5 Things to See and Do in Bulgaria 1. Spend an extra day or two getting to know the place. Varna Varna is a major tourist destination during the summer when its beautiful beaches fill up with visitors. I had a lot of fun wandering the streets, meandering through the big central park, and sunning myself at the beach. At night, the bars and nightlife heave with tourists and locals looking to enjoy their summer holiday. Plovdiv Plovdiv is the second-largest city in Bulgaria and is located in the middle of the country.

I found the city a peaceful oasis with wonderful parks and ruins that lacked the crowds other places get. Veliko Tarnovo Once the capital of the Bulgarian empire, Veliko Tarnovo is now a charming university town located in the mountains. This quiet little town has a beautiful castle, nearby hiking trails, and monasteries worth exploring. It was one of the highlights of my visit to Bulgaria. Other Things to See and Do Click the title to expand the text 1. Rusenski Lom Nature Park and Ivanovo This park has a nice hiking area and also contains a Rock Monastery with ancient frescoes, as well as a quaint village worth exploring.

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I’d have my parents but me books about Greek mythology, written like they were fairytales, and read them over and over again. Seriously, back then you could ask me anything about the Olympian Gods and their soap-opera-like lives and the warriors like Heracles; I’d know the answer to anything and if I didn’t, I’d start crying and complain to my parents that they didn’t bring me a book with that story.

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Founded in by interior designer Svetoslav Todorov, Sofia-based Studio Mode has designed several night clubs, but Club Mascara is special as it is located on the underground level of the National Opera and Ballet, a building dating back to

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